Friday, 16 August 2013

Build your income with $0.00 investment...

PTC is the best business for low budget. Some of them give you the opportunity to use the money you earn clicking on ads and invest it in renting affiliate.

It's the long term stuff. You need a lot of time to make $25 a day. But if you don't have a penny to invest, it can be done with time and energy.

Most PTC will let you rent affiliate from as low as $0.22. It's up to you to start with the lowest pack and grow to get hundreds of affiliates. When you rent affiliate, you have to click on every ads you can get. You have to take a good look at all of them and remove the ones who are not active. Usually, after 10 days if one of your downline hasn't clicked any ads yet, you should trade it. Some PTC offer to trade your downline for free after a fixed amount of days. And most will charge you if you want to trade them before that time.

You have to verify when is the time to renew the rent for those referral. If you don't renew it, you'll loose them and you'll have to start from nothing again (it's cheaper to renew then to start a rent). A rent is for 30 days usually. But when you renew, you can get much longer and save some more money.

It's the long road, but if you keep doing it for a year, you'll end up with hundreds of active referrals in many PTC.

This takes time and energy, but in the long term you could end up with a good income.

Like always, it's up to you. No ones will do it for you.


Tom Wacker said...

Another really fine post, Serge! It's a viable way to make some money on the innerwebs.

And really glad that you are writing some to the PTC market. There certainly is a need for it...

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom.