Friday, 23 August 2013


Associate yourself...

Online, people think that business is easy because the internet is all about connecting with others. But the truth is that it's even more difficult to associate with others. The best way to associate yourself with others has always been to meet and share. After some times, you could start a project and build something with others.

On the internet, you don't meet in person. There's always something between you and the others. And this can let people misleading you from their real intention. In others words, you can get screwed if you trust anyone. You still need to get to know the people you want to associate with. You have to learn who they really are before you give them your trust.

Without trust, you can't associate yourself with someone else. And trust is built with time and action.

I have been in a few team since I started my quest to earn a living from the internet. They all pitched me with the power of team. That in their team I would get more support. That they would help me to build my downline and even more lies that they promise me. None of those team did what they promise me. They all failed to deliver the goods. They took my money and left me out there at the end of a downline with no support.

I'm sorry, but teams are junk. None ever provided half of what they promise.

I would love to associate myself with other motivated business builder on the web. People that I could trust and that I would be proud to associate myself with them.

I still believe that we can build a business on the internet, but I know that it can get really hard to find the right people to associate with. There's so much junk out there.

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