Sunday, 18 August 2013


When it comes to advertising, different is better.

Do something that others don't do. Or do something that others are doing with your own twist. You don't need to invent something, you just need to do it your own way.

Start with you...    What do you like? Make a list of what you like in the ads you saw. Start to choose 3 things that rings with you. Then start to use those with your own twist. Become the best with those. Don't move outside those 3. Stick to it and keep improving.

People will notice your style. Your ads will be known, loved and hated. You can't please everyone. But even the ones how hates your ads, they'll remember who you are.

In the end, what you want is to establish yourself in the market and to be known and respected.

When you get the respect, you'll get the sales. It's all linked. It's that simple.

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