Thursday, 1 August 2013

Make it a great one!

The past is the past.

It's out there, in the past. You can't do nothing about it.

Right now is all you have. And you have a clean slate in front of you. What will you do with it? Leave the past where it is and get your life back on track right now! You can do a lot better.

People that come close to death start to see things in a different way. They understand that you only have "the now". You never know when it will all end. So you should live your life as you want.

Tomorrow doesn't exist. Don't wait for it. Maybe this could be your last day. You never know.

Start to realize how much you set for tomorrow. Things that you could have done today.

Finish the day with the joy of knowing you did good and that you make it worth living it. When you'll get a new day, you'll go on and live it with joy because you know it will be a great one too.

Go for it and make it a great one.

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