Thursday, 15 August 2013

Good colors = sales

The color influence how the customer will feel in front of your product. And a lot of people don't use color to the maximum and leave a lot of sales to luck.

This article has some good tips.

Color Influences in advertising.

•Advertising uses red to symbolize eroticism.
•Prestige is symbolized by violet, wine red, or golden yellow.

Another good one.

Color it effective: how color influence the user.

Another good one.

What are the best colors for advertising?

When you can create a set of colors to build the emotion you want your customer to feel, then you have better chances to close the sales.

For this, it's way better to get a professional when you want to build a web site. They're trained to use the colors at your advantage. It's a good investment to hire a pro.

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