Saturday, 3 August 2013


There's an ad that I saw everyday...   I just need to write about it.

In the ad, you have this question: "Millionaire Mindset. Do you have one?"

Well, this is a stupid question. If we would have a Millionaire Mindset, we would not be looking around to make money. The question under the one they put on that promo is: "Would you like to be a Millionaire?". Who would answer no to that question. So it's an empty question.

One more thing that I don't like about that promo, it's the claim under it. They claim that you'll become a Millionaire if you use their system. Yes, there's people making a lot of money in there. But, most won't make anything.

I'm so tired of the empty promises like that. Millionaire are not made by a system, they're people's  accomplishment. You can become a Millionaire using almost anything. It's more about who you are then what you are using.


Tom Wacker said...

Wow! Great post, Serge!

Empty promises at the hope of signing up the hopeless makes me crazy.

"It's more about who you are than what you are using". Great line!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom. It was on my mind for a long time before I let it go in this post. :)

Marquis Giguère said...

I think you misunderstand the meaning of the millionaire mindset. First, yes the millionaire is the one who is constantly looking around him for opportunity because he knows that prosperity and wealthness is build on the sum of action he takes to reach it and take profit of every opportunity the life as to offer.

Then, there's the other who dreams of been millionaire and are only looking for "the" opportunity, not knowing their missing every other ones in the process. The wealthness is built one step at a time and not based on the chance to find "the big" opportunity, like if your winning the lottery

Serge Cote said...

Yes, my friend Marquis. I was talking about false advertising on the web with promises of making you a millionaire.

I agree with you. You don't make millionaire, they are or not. If you win a million dollar and don't have the millionaire mindset, you'll get back where your mindset is and the money will be all gone. :)

Marquis Giguère said...

I agree with you for the false advertising !