Friday, 30 August 2013

Free way to bring traffic to your business!

On line or off line business needs customers. If you open a shop far from the main street, you'll have to advertise so people know you exist. It's the same for on line, when you start a business will a low budget, you need to advertise a lot because you can't afford to buy Google ads.

Here's some easy way to promote your business for free.

- Create a signature that you'll use with your e-mail, post in a group or any where you can put it. As long as you don't send empty post or e-mail, it will not be seen as spam.

- Comment on blog. Take the time to read and write a comment on blog that are popular. With your comment you can add the link to your business or blog. Write good comment. Try to say something interesting. Fast and easy.

- Posting a video on YouTube. Add your signature in the description of the video. You never know when one of your video could become viral. Better be prepare then sorry. Even if you only get 5 hits per week on your video, it's still 5 peoples that could become customer to your business.

- Social program. Register to all of them. If you can find them. As long as they are free, register and fill your info with links to your business. And try to come back to your account at least once a week.

- A lot of media website offer to leave a comment. Do it and leave your signature at the end.

Take a look at what you do in your free time. Every time you get out of your house, it's an opportunity to promote your business. Ads on your car, t-shirt, bags, baseball cap and everything on which you can put an ads is good. If you're a member of a club, try to sponsor activities so you can promote your business. Always have business cards on you. Have some flyers with you if people want to know more about your business. Be nice and open with people.


Tom Wacker said...

That is just solid, good advice! And it's free!

Over a week without a reliable computer, good to be back and see you again, my friend!!

Serge Cote said...

Welcome Back to the online world. :) I was missing your blog post and comment. :)