Thursday, 22 August 2013

Consciously working on your unconscious...

The root of all your problems is in your unconscious. To change that you can work on it consciously.

There's no perfect way to do this. You could pay for a professional to help you work on it or you could do this by yourself. Doing it by yourself will take more work and time. But in the end, you'll end up with some great result if you are serious about it.

Let's give you some good way to work on your unconscious.

First, you'll need to understand how much you're complaining. Complain is a destructive energy that will never bring anything good in your life. A good idea to understand how much you're complaining, it to put a bracelet on your wrist. You change the bracelet to your other wrist every time you complain. After a few days, you'll see how much you're complaining. To realize it will help you to stop doing it. A lot of you are thinking that all the bad things happening in your life isn't your fault. That it's OK to complain about it. If you keep this state of mind, you'll never get to anywhere. Keep in mind that complain is a destructive energy. And that bad energy will always be in your life as long as you keep complaining.

Second, start to use positive statement. When anything comes out of your mouth, make it positive. Positive statement will help you to see the good in everything. It will help you build your energy. Life will become better to you. You'll feel better. Negative statement will bring negative energy to you.

Third, bring good teacher into your life. There's a lot of free video on YouTube that you can watch. Do a search with  David Schwartz, Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, napoleon hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Joe Vitale and there's a lot more good people out there. Keep yourself into positive energy reading good books, listening to good audio book and joining good conference. Stay away from negative stuff from the TV, newspaper and any art entertainment. This is very conscious. You're making the choice of doing this or not.

The last thing that I would recommend you is to find yourself 3 Guardians. Those guardians will make a pact with you to guard your dream as you will guard theirs. To make it work with your guardians, you need to follow some rules.

-  No judgement. You will never judge when you'll have a talk with your guardian. You'll stay a good observer.
- Truth. You'll tell the truth. Always the truth.
- Focus. You'll keep your guardian focus on their goal as they'll do the same for you. Your guardian will see more easily that you're getting out of your goal.
- Consistent. You should talk to your guardians at least once a week. You could do this everyday, but it would need a lot of time investment.
- Secret. Everything that you'll talk with your guardian will stay between you two. Never talk about it with other people.

What ever you do, if you work on yourself it will change your surrounding. Your life will change. Your unconscious will change.

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