Friday, 9 August 2013

Time for success...

There's a lot of good reason to justify doing or not doing the works that need to be done for you business. Most people are using very good reason to justify giving up on their dreams.

The most common reason is: "I don't have the time."

Let's see how much time you have in a week.   168 hours

We'll say that you have a 40 hours a week job (Lunch time included). That would leave   128 hours

An adult over 18 need between 71/2 to 9 hours of sleep. Let's say that you sleep 8 hours a day. That would leave   72 hours

Breakfast and lunch would usually take 30 minutes for each. That would leave   65 hours

Let's give 1 hours a day for hygiene. That would leave   58 hours

This would means that you should have 8 hours a day to do other things then those. If you have children, you can take out most of those 8 hours. But if you don't, what are you doing with those?

Yes, this is a basic demonstration of time planning. If you do this seriously, you'll see that you have a lot of free time that you are wasting. You need to see where you are wasting that time.

Let's face it, most people use that reason to justify their lack of result. But in reality, they have other issues about building a business. Let's see some of those issues.

- Driving goal...
Why do you want to build a business online? If your goal is not good enough for you, you'll have no problem giving up on it. You have to set a goal so dear to you that you'll have trouble giving up on it. Sorry, if you don't have a very good reason to do it, you'll never do it.

- Priority...
There's no way around this. If you keep going with the flow, you'll end up right where you are now. Progress is a result of action that you are taking. You have to choose what you want to do with the free times you have and realize how much time you spend on useless habits.

- Keep your spirit up...
When you're building a business a small amount of free time, you'll end up with low result and negative idea about your business. It's OK, we all come to that point. Keeping your spirit up is a day to day work. You should spend as much time working on your spirit as you work on your business. The higher your spirit will be, the better your work will be. You'll end up taking less time to do as much work.

- Success is contagious...
Hang around positive and successful people. If you don' have any around you, maybe you should change your entourage. Don't do this all at once. Start to join a group of people that are building their business like you on the web. In there, you'll find people that are successful. Among those people, you'll find the ones with who you'll have a good connection. Build on those relation and feed on the positive energy that you'll get to build your business. And you'll end up giving back that positive energy.

Ending this post, I would like to say that we all have the same amount of time when we start the day. The difference between the rich and the poor start with how they're using their free time.

Remember, no one will do it for you. If you're not doing it, you'll never get it.

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