Saturday, 10 August 2013

Energy Vampire...

I'm a big fan of Vampire. I love them in books, movies, tv shows and art. But there's a kind of Vampire that I just can't stand. The time and energy Vampire.

I like to help. I tend to do a lot for others because I think it's good to do good. But, there's this kind of people that are taking and taking. They keep coming for more and more. When you tell them that they should help themselves a little, they reply that you are hard on them. What?

I don't expect anything back from them. What is done, is done. That's it. But when I tell them to put some effort in their success, I would just like them to think about it. I don't want to be told that I'm a bad person or that I'm hard on them.

It's sad, but sometimes you have to cut the link and let those persons work it out on their own.

You can make mistakes. Once, it's because you didn't know. Twice, it's because you didn't really understand what was happening. But when you reach the third time, maybe you should see a psychologist.

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