Friday, 2 August 2013


The whining...

Are you a whiner? Or maybe you have problem with whiner around you?

Whining is an energy drain. No one really want to live around whiner. When it's a customer, it's even difficult. You have to see if this is valuable whining and search why they're whining. Some people are whining because of something that has no relation with the business in which they're whining. Those people can waste a lot of customer support.

You can see a lot of people whining in chat, in forum or in blog. Sorry, but I don't like whiner. I will never waste my time reading someone whining when I see that it has no reason to do it. Usually, within the first fives lines I can see if this is justified.

Here's a book that could be interesting for someone who wants to climb the ladder of big companies. It was written for woman, but I'm sure it can be use by men too. :)  

Stop whining and start winning by Molly Shepard and Jane Stimmler


Tom Wacker said...

That would be the 'magic ticket', wouldn't it? Figure out how to combat whining, particularly chronic whining.

I just try to limit my exposure to the whiners. It's all I know.

Great post, Serge!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom! Yes, I do the same. But sometimes whiners do it with a good reason, so I always take a moment to see if this could be a valid info. :)