Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Give to get!

"Whatever you want to bring into your life, you must GIVE it. Do you want love? Then give it. Do you want appreciation? Then give it. Do you want understanding? Then give it. Do you want joy and happiness? Then give it to others.
You have the ability to give so much love, appreciation, understanding, and happiness to so many people every single day!" Bye Rhonda Byrne

You have to give to get. You have to take action if you want something to happen in your life. If you want success, then you have to give success to someone else. You must always do this with a true heart. If you lie, then you'll get nothing more then the lie you give.

Many are bitching the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Me I still think that it's a very simple book about the law of attraction. I think that you need more then that when you start to face the problem that you'll face when you start to follow the law.

The quote that I put in the start of this post, I got it from the secret scrolls. You can join and get those nice quotes for free if you follow that link. :)

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