Saturday, 18 May 2013

Show yourself!

Show yourself...

In this branding world, you need to be there in person to promote your product. Or at least, with a picture of you. Not some cartoon pics, a cat, a dog, a house, a scenery, a logo or a toy you found in your son's bedroom.

Please, be professional and smile on your picture. Don't wear sunglasses, your not posing for a tabloid. Your smile and your eyes tell a lot about you. So, if you are in a spirit of empathy when you take your picture, then it will show. People will be ready to have business with you if they trust you. And even if you're already making money on the internet (with your cartoon), you would be making much much more showing yourself.

"Trust" can be gain with a good picture. That's why, as a business person, you should take the time to make a good one.

If you hide behind some image that is not you, don't expect me or anyone to be trusting.

If you don't like what I just wrote, then maybe you should seek deep inside of you for the source of that. And yes, the pic I'm using for this blog is not what I should use. I know. That's a pic I took for my Gothic Band :)

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