Monday, 27 May 2013

Where to advertise part 3

Where do you advertise?

Part 3

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group.  

Social network:
Those web sites are base around the concept of building a network of contacts and friends. You should create a page telling everyone that you are involve in a business and that you are looking for some good people to associate yourself with. To develop your relation, you’ll have to visit other people page and ask them to become your friend. When they accept to become your friend, you should write a little comment (that you are happy to become their friend) with one link to your business. Don’t use a large banner, because it could be seen as SPAM.

You’ll have to surf the members database and find people that could be interested in your business or would have some interest that are in relation with yours. It’s mostly the same things with all of them.

A blog can be a good way to promote. A blog is something like a personal journal posted on the web. Some are very personal and others are more informative.

To promote your business, you should start a blog talking about business or something in relation. I would recommend adding one post a day (Minimum 4 per week). You could present free documentation about business that you can find on the web. And if you do so, always post the link to your source for each of those posts. If you are creative, you can also write your own post. The more you post, the more chance you have that people will visit your blog.

When you post, you should use a ping page to let the web know about it. In your blog you can post your ads and promote your business.

Your blog could help you become a reference in your domain. And that would bring you a lot of free advertising.

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