Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Hype Trend

I got inspired for a post by Barry Langdon. "Just because you actually get paid, don’t make it legal".

OK, yes there's a lot of scam out there. Scam are program that are not legal. Yes they could pay you, but they're still illegal. Ponzi program are well known. But there's others that are so popular that many wonders if they're legal. Don't get stuck on the hook, they're scam and will cost you money in the end.


And there's also a lot of legal stuff that aren't much better. Giving false hope is as bad as promoting a ponzi program. When it's too good to be true, then it is.


Yes, a lot of program are giving false hope. Some are using a bribe to get people hook into a program that is requiring so much work that most people end up wasting times without making any money. 


Building a hype! Yes, you can see a lot of stuff on the internet that are using it. Most of the time, it's a hook text that's get you to give your name and e-mail. 


Yes, using the hype is so common now that most will do it. And this doesn't mean that the program is illegal.


I beleive that we can build a business online without making any false promises or expectations. I think that it's up to us to change this really bad trend. Each time someone is loosing time and money in a program that is much harder then it was suppose to be, that person will talk about it to people around him and put all the business on the web in the same basket. It's bad for all of us. 

What can be done to go against this. We could talk about it more. In blog, in chat and in our training. If we let this trend take it all, then internet business will be even more difficult.


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