Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Are you a Victim?

Are you addicted to being a victim?

When things go wrong, how do you react?

I Just read a good post by Henrik Edberg - How to move away from the victim mentality.

And I wonder how much of my friends and family fits into this mold. Me, I started to think that I was in charge a long time ago. A good friend, the great philosopher Andre Moreau (Website in French) gave me the tools to grow myself and learn to be in charge of my life.

I think that it's OK to make mistake. And that we have to learn from them. I think that it's always our choices that are the source of all we live. Sometimes, we're not making them consciously and think that we didn't had any responsibility in the result. When you become a victim, you attract the evenment to respond to your guts feeling.

Please, stop thinking that others are in charge of your life. Start to take responsibility for what you have and what you get everyday.

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