Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Where to advertise part 4

Where do you advertise?

Part 4

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Opt-in list:
Those are listing of people who wants to promote a business. You have to join the list before having any means to post in it. Some will allow you to post once a week, others once a month. You should use a free e-mail like Gmail with those, because of the quantity of e-mail you’ll get.

Stay focus, someone out there will notice that you are promoting the same business on and on. They’ll come take a look at what you have. In reality, most of us are looking for a long term business.

Paid to read:
Those are programs that will pay you to click links in an e-mail that are linked to advertising. To use those, you’ll have to view a lot of pub before having enough money or points to send your own pub.

It’ll bring a lot of mail into your mailbox daily. You should dedicate an e-mail to those programs only.

Buying ads in those are quite cheap.

Pop up or Pop in:
Those are codes that you place on a web page. It will open a new page with an ad on it as soon as people come to visit.

Stay away from those.

It’s an annoying way to promote and a lot of people are banning web pages that have those kinds of pub. And you don’t want your web page to be banned.

Lately, those have been blocked by surfing program like Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s automated, so you’ll waste your time integrating a pop up on your website.

Screen saver exchange:
This is something very close to auto-surf. When your screen saver starts, it’ll log to the program and show web site on your monitor as a screen saver. This will earn you credits that you can use to show the web site where you have put your banner exchange code. You can even close your monitor and it’ll still work.

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