Saturday, 4 May 2013

Is Gratitude in your life?

I want to share with you the Gratitude List of Tom Wacker. You should read it. Click on the link.

I just love that Gratitude List. Simple and powerful.

Are you using gratitude in your life? You should. It has a power that will help you go on with your life. You'll see the problem in a different way. And things will have a different value in your life.

You can find a lot of ways to set some times in you day for gratitude. Lee Brower talked about using gratitude rock in the movie The Secret.

Google gratitude idea and you'll find a lot to inspire you. All that matters is that you find the ones that is fit for you.

Here's a few that I love:

Tips for keeping a gratitude journal by Jason Marsh

Attitude of Gratitude by Dr Lisa Vickery

Gratitude Tips by Kristen Clark

You'll find many more on Google

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