Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The ups and downs

We all have our ups and downs. Time when things are easier and times when you just got to make real effort to accomplish the same job. I found out that I have my ups and downs almost on a schedule. And according to that, I should write more then one post when I have lots of drive so I could use them on the days when I don't have that same energy.

I did wrote a few post on my good days last month. It did gave me some day off when I didn't had the drive to write. But I use them all until I found myself with no more post in the pocket.

This month, I'll try to write much more post on my great days. I still think that as a blogger, I should post something interesting everyday. Some post are more popular then others, and it's ok. I can't always be on the spot with my post. I would even think that some people won't like them at all.

Today is the first day of the Month of May. Let's start this month with a new post.

I will post something new everyday for the next 31 days. So this month will be full of great stuff.

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