Friday, 17 May 2013

Grab me, if you can!

Grab me, if you can!

I'm an old surfer. I've seen a lot of stuff and you need to be really creative to grab my attention when I'm surfing a Traffic Exchange.

Audio and video don't work with me. I surf with the sound off. I've always been surfing with the sound off. I like to listen to positive audio book or video when I'm surfing. So, if you want to get my attention, you need to do it with text or images. And most people don't have it.

If you promote the plain splash page generated by the owner of a program, then you are giving away any chances of getting my attention.

Create your own splash is mostly the only way to get me. Making me smile is the best way to grab me. Be creative and you'll deserve some of my time. Don't put more then 10 words on your splash, I won't read them. The larger the word the better. You must realize that I will be on your splash for less then 5 seconds. So you have to be quick, or I'll be gone.

And if you can't grab my attention, you ain't gonna get much people anyway. The internet is fast and you need to be fast if you want to sell your stuff on it. Be creative and grab the surfer if you want to make money!

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