Thursday, 9 May 2013

Garbage in garbage out!

We are the masters of our own tough. It's up to us to take what's gonna help us and leave the bad stuff out.

There's so many negative stuff around that it's hard to really understand all the bad it does to us. Habits of listening to news 3 to 4 times a day could seem normal. But in reality, it's a build up of negative stuff that is stacking on your mind and mood.

Ranting is another habits that you should start to dismiss from your life. Find creative way to stay out of it. Don't let anyone start the fire of your anger. If you feel it burning, go away and something else.

If you like to get attention using how bad things are for you, stop it. You'll only bring more of it in your life.

A lot of people tend to take lightly the power of positive though. Don't do that, nothing bad can come from a positive mind. And you choose what you put in.

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