Monday, 6 May 2013

Buzz Word

Everyday there's new program lunching on the internet.

Some of those new program are using buzz word in their name. If you use the word Viral, it should mean that your program has a power to make you a super star with one click. But some of those program only use those buzz word, they don't really have that power.

If too many program are using a buzz word, will it loose it's buzz power? If you use a word that is not in relation with your program in your name, will this works against your program? What do you think?

Buzz word looks good, that's why they become Buzz word. People like to use them. There's ain't too much use for a Buzz word. It will gain in power the more it is use (in a meaningful way).

The Internet is the new power to develop our language. And this time it's worldwide!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

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