Friday, 3 May 2013

Go for the goal!

I was reading a post from Mike Allen.

What's your Handicap?

If you end up with a job that you don't like, but that's creating a good life for you outside of it. Then it's really hard to see how you can have a job that is fun and providing. You rationalize and do your best to find something good to like in your job and keep doing it. That job is providing for your family, so you want to stay with it. Even if it's not perfect.

It's better to have a good job providing for your family then to have a fun job that is not providing.

This is sad, because a lot of people are stuck in a job that they don't really like. They become "gave up". Yes, the ones who don't believe in having an income from something they would love to do. They gave-up on most of their dream. All they want is to provide for their family and go on to work one more day.

One of my friend told me tonight that I was a gave-up. At first, I took it hard. But after a few hours, I think that he's right. In some way, I gave-up some of my dream. And all of it because of a job that is providing for my family. I don't see how I could go for my dream job without putting my family in a bad situation.

I have a choice to make. I have to choose to go for my goal, work twice as hard and do my best to keep my family out of trouble. I know it's ain't easy. I would have to replace my present income with something new that I don't have yet.

This is so exciting. :)

Thanks again Mike. You did make my mind running. :)

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