Thursday, 30 May 2013

Where to advertise part 5

Where do you advertise?

Part 5

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Using torrent and sharing program:
You could create an e-book and share on those networks. It’s fast and can bring you a lot of traffic. And from that traffic, you’ll find new people to join your team. You have to create a link to your e-book using the technique describes on those web sites. You should submit your link at least once a week until you’ll have a lot of people sharing your e-book. If you need help in creating an e-book, join my the Free yahoo group.

Making an e-book:
Yes, you can make an e-book to promote your business. It’s all about how fast you’ll learn to use the tools. I wrote my first after 4 years on the web.

Please, put some content in your e-book. Empty ones will bring negative comment and your e-book will never become a great tool to promote your business.

Banner exchange:
You can find some free banner on the Yahoo Group. Those banners can be placed on a web site by pasting the code directly into the page. And you can also use those banners into banner exchange program.  

When you join a banner exchange, you’ll get a few lines of codes that you paste into your web site. When you get someone to visit your web site, it will give you points. Those points will be used to show your banner on another web site.

In reality, banners are ones of the less effective ways to promote. Most of the time, you have to show a banner 10 000 to 15 000 times before getting one click. Some would say that it’s a waste of time. Me, I would say that if you use the system I’m going to give you, it will be of some use and for little work. 

First, you open a web site. You can use a free web site.

Second, you join 2 or 3 free banner exchanges.

Third, you paste the banner exchange code into your web page (place one on top and the rest at the bottom of your web page).

Fourth, you join some auto surf program.

Fifth, you promote your web page (with the banner exchange code on them) on those auto surf programs.

Sixth, set your web page to have more then just banner exchange on it. Place some promo text and a few pictures in relation with the text. You have to include some information because; some banner exchange program will refuse your membership if you have only banner on your web page.

Seventh, you start the auto surf program (1 to 3 at the same time) when you are going to bed or leaving for work. If you have a phone line connection (unlimited), it would be better to use the auto surf programs during the night.

Don’t place the same banner exchange code more then once on your page. Doing so could get your account deleted. But most of the banner exchange will accept that you place the code on many different pages. If you create other pages, add the code to them also.

Paying bar:
This is a little software that you install on your computer. It’ll show you a pub on the desk top of your computer. As long as you’re connected to the internet and active, you get paid. You can also use your earning to buy advertising on that bar.

In conclusion about advertising:

There’s a lot of new idea that could came up and give you the chance to promote your business. You must always verify if those ideas could be seen as SPAM before using them.

Take the time to understand how each of them works. So you can use them with the maximum results.

What ever you use, remember that each of those can bring new people in your team. You should try all of them at least once. Me, I’m using most of them.

Stay focus with one business and promote every day.

When you’ll get better at using those free programs, then you’ll be ready to choose the ones that you want to upgrade with.

Remember that free advertising will demand more work.

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