Friday, 10 May 2013

Do you Commit?


Let's be serious for a moment. Are you serious? Really, when you say something, are you doing it?

I'm a role player. I like the old style with books and dices. In one of those games I play a magic user. And the first rules of that organization is you have to keep your promises. No way out, you have to put your life on jeopardy to get it done. Are you ready to put your life on the mat for what you say?

I read a post from Tom Wacker "Say what you mean", and I like that post. Go read it.

Be someone to trust and you'll find people that you can trust. Be someone of your word and you'll meet people that are keeping their word. Be what you want to find in others.

This my 10th day of post for this month. 

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