Saturday, 25 May 2013

Where to advertise part 2

Where do you advertise?

Part 2

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Manual Surfing:
In those programs, you have to look at web pages until a timer gets to 0. Then you click on a link and look at another web page. Each web page you visit will earn you points. You use those points to get people to look at your web page. Some will even pay you to click and give you points to promote your web page at the same times.

To get the most of those programs, you should use Firefox and surf 5 of those at the same times using a tab for each of them. You can do it also with Explorer when you use the tab.

Why doing this? Because you have to wait 5 to 15 seconds before you can click and visit another site. In those seconds, you click on the tab of the next program and click on the link that should appear while you were clicking on another tab. After a few days of doing this, you’ll become better. At first, you’ll have to try a lot of program to find the one that you like to use.

Auto Surfing:
In those programs, you have to log into the web site of the program. Then start the auto surf link. It will work by itself. The timer will run until it reaches 0, then it will show you another web page. Each page shown to you will earn you points (even if you don’t look at your screen). Then you can use those points to show your web page. You can run more then one of those programs at the same time. You just have to open them into a new window or tab.

Discussion group or Message board:
This is a good way to promote your business in the long term. You join discussion group that interest you. You place your ad in your Signature (only in your signature). Don’t post an ad directly as a message; most discussion group will treat those as SPAM. If you provided interesting information in your post (in relation with the subject of the discussion group), your signature ad will bring people who liked what you wrote. Some of those web sites also provide the option to add a web link in a list. Promoting like this will take quite some time. But it will get your affiliate links out there for good.

Free for all links exchange or reciprocal links:
This is a cheap way to promote your business and build a presence on the web. The free for all links pages will give you the opportunity to add a link. You should always place your link on pages that are related to business on the web. Most Free for all links administrator will delete the links that aren’t related to the subject of the listing. For reciprocal links, you’ll add a link on your web page for that web site and they’ll add a link for yours on their web page.

First, you should do this with web sites that are respecting the ethic of your business.

Second, the web site should be working.

And third, it should bring you some exposure. To do this, you’ll have to contact the web site owner and ask for a reciprocal link.

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