Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rage Quit?

Rage Quit

What a sad new trend online. I hate the word quit and rage is a violent reaction that should never find it's way in your life. I did rage in my beginning on the net. Lost a lot of friends online and offline because of my raging in chat or discussion group. That's in the past.

It seems as if it's accepted to do a "Rage Quit". As if, it's ok to do that. No one is raising a flag against it. As if there was nothing we could do about it.

I see rage quitting as if someone was hanging up on the phone with me. No thank you, no good words about how great it was to talk to me or no thank you for being there. Please, if you start something online. Don't "Rage Quit". Take some times to write something nice before leaving.

Imagine being in the restroom with a friend when he choose to get up and go to his bed. Leaving you there without a goodnight, without escorting you to the door. Just getting up and leaving the room. How strange would that be to you?

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