Thursday, 16 May 2013

Get out of the mold

How do you get into the top 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet?

Well, you need to get out of the common. You need to become the one who's doing what needs to be done.

Average people listen to 12 hours of TV and surf the net 13 hours every week. Most are just listening to what is popular at the moment. Reading what others put on Facebook and visiting entertaining website. If you would cut 8 hours from those 25 hours to listen to positive and educative video. Or read a good positive book. That would take you out of the mass.

The more you invest in yourself, the more you'll be ready to take the steps to become one of the 1%.

There's no short cut to become one of the 1%. You'll need to work and invest in yourself.

You have the same chances as all the people on the planet. We all have 24 hours in a day, and it's up to us to choose what we want to do with it. No ones can choose for you. No ones can make it for you.

So it's all up to you. Choose to makes excuses or makes positive choices that will help you grow. You choose to take action into building wealth or you choose to become one of the many TV master. There's a lot of people that are master of sitting in front of their TV.

Get out of the mold and take the road that only a few are taking.

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Tom Wacker said...

Another good post, Serge! As always.

I have several offline friends that can't understand why I'm not fixing or replacing my broken TV. 'I don't need it' doesn't resonate with them. Makes perfect sense to me.